Why Coimbra?

Coimbra… the city of students, of accomplished dreams, of knowledge! Every year thousands of new university students arrive in Coimbra coming from all over the country to start their academic year.

The city of students!

Coimbra is also a welcoming city for those arriving from all over Europe through the Erasmus programme as students and nowadays a lot as interns.

Partying in Coimbra!
“Festa das latas”
and “Queima das Fitas”…

Madness, madness is the right word to describe these two major student’s celebration in Coimbra. We are talking about one full week of tradition, drinking, fun, drinking, music, drinking, celebration and also… a lot of drinking!


Do you prefer the beach? Yes, the beach of Figueira da Foz is part of the district of Coimbra! And it’s only 45 minutes away by train. We know, we know, your main priority here is your internship, but why not having some fun during your free time?
Go ahead and choose where do you prefer to have your internship, Coimbra surrounded by culture and knowledge, or Figueira da Foz surrounded by… well, A GREAT BEACH!! It’s up to you… anyway, if you get tired of one of them (and we know you will not), you can always take the train and visit the other.